Municipal Construction Castings

SIGMA Municipal Construction Castings are manufactured under the same stringent quality norms and procedures that we use in the production of our extensive waterworks products, such as AWWA Fittings and Accessories, Pipe Restraint Products and various components supplied to many American waterworks distributors.

In MCC, SIGMA is in the unique position as the only true national supplier of this product. SIGMA has steadily invested in design and new product development to reliably produce hundreds of items used by the various municipalities across the United States and Canada. We have several stocking locations across North America to provide reliable and prompt customer service.

SIGMA currently offers a wide range of heavy castings such as Manhole Rings and Covers, Frames and Grates, and Curb Inlets. Additionally we also service the light castings market with an extensive offering of Valve Boxes, Curb Boxes, Meter Boxes, Risers, and Lids. SIGMA can also service custom requests for special pattern and labeling requirements when necessary.

Our technical team has the expertise to prepare the engineering drawings required to produce each item in an accurate and consistent manner with attention to all details to ensure the interchangeability with the current or future designs that meet your needs and the relevant standards.