SIGMA Corporation’s SIGMAFLANGE Model SFA is designed to connect plain-end ductile iron or PVC pressure pipe to a fanged ftting, pipe, valve and other fanged appurtenances. An oversized ductile iron mechanical joint x fanged sleeve provides proper sealing of the adjacent fange outlet using an O-ring gasket while accommodating necessary pipe end restraint to the mechanical outlet using SIGMA ONE-LOK™ SLDE for ductile iron or SLCE for PVC pipe wedge-action restraining gland.


• Accommodates pipe misalignment.

• Acts as a dismantling joint for service and maintenance requirements.

• Provides a pressure rating equal to the pipe with a 2:1 factor of safety.

• No special tools required for installation or removal.

• Allows slight variations in feld-cut pipe.

• Slotted bolt hold design for ease of installation.

• Accommodate DIA PVC pipe.

• O-ring on fange face for better compression and sealing.