In the 1970's Del Sweet had a vision in his early days at Emco Weston, that a separate Waterworks Division could be viable. Del met with resistance from Emco Corporate and from the industry's manufacturers of the time, that a one source Waterworks Distribution model would work.

Del's clear vision, persuasiveness and passion for the waterworks industry won the day and from humble beginnings, that idea for a separate waterworks division has grown today to become a waterworks industry in Canada that is nearing $1 Billion in sales annually.

Del's next move was to convince Canada Valve to open up a distribution branch in Toronto. This gave rise to Can-Val. The enterprise was highly successful. It soon came time for Del and his closest allies in the industry to start a new company under their own control and ownership - Concord Supply was born.

Del Sweet, Bob Butt, Ted Cooper, Ernie Mills, Tom Moulton, Chris Peet and Bev Rath made up the core of the team.

There were bumps in the road, some of them on the way to the bank, but as with any company raised from a great idea and great people, the enterprise was successful and continues on to this day.

Creativity and opportunity met in the early 80's when Daigle Aqua Inc., a hydrant and valve manufacturer that Concord distributed for, filed for bankruptcy. Concord stepped in and Concord-Daigle Inc. was started. After a few years the hydrant and valve line was sold off and the product offering for Concord Supply continued on pretty much as it does today, with fittings, street castings, restrainers, couplings and accessories for the waterworks industry.

In keeping with Del's original credo, Concord continues to search out new product opportunities that answer the needs of our customer base. Today, forays are being made into pipe and fitting fabrication field and together with our anchor manufacturer partner - Sigma Corporation, leading edge products are being developed to enter into the trench drain market for storm water management, as well as tactile plates for walking surface indication.

We are proud of our history and remain focused on exceeding our customers' needs.

- Concord Supply